Why Productive Relationships in the Workplace are Essential

April 5, 2019
Why Productive Relationships in the Workplace are Essential

It’s no secret the role company culture plays in both courting and retaining today’s top talent. In fact, financial professionals surveyed in our 2018 Compensation Report ranked the topic as a leading reason for choosing a new position or staying with a company.

And the key to culture: the people.

Establishing relationships with your coworkers is one of the most significant — and often challenging — aspects of starting a new role. Make the process smoother for recent hires by introducing them to colleagues they’ll frequently collaborate with. Employers should also connect employees with a training buddy who can provide the support they need to successfully transition.

“The first 90 days are going to be the most difficult,” says Century Group’s CEO Ron Proul. “They’ll be establishing a new routine and it’s not unusual for them to feel uncomfortable.”

Think about it: most employed individuals spend the majority of their days at work. Forging working relationships with your colleagues is proven to spur productivity, decrease work-related stress and even positively impact your emotional well-being — an aspect that is especially vulnerable during this period. Alliances can help them gain confidence in their new position, and is critical to securing early wins. But keep in mind that integrating someone into the company is a process, not an event.

“There needs to be a conscious effort on the part of managers and colleagues to check in with new employees and connect with them,” explains Ron Blair, President and COO. “It can take many forms — going to lunch, happy hour, informal check-ins, a phone call or grabbing coffee. It’s little informal moments like these that express the company culture and set up people for success.”


“The First 90 Days: Set Your New Hire Up for Success,” with concepts adapted from “The First 90 Days” by Michael D. Watkins, is a three-part series designed to help companies onboard their new hires for optimal success. Be sure to lookout for Part 2 and Part 3 in the coming weeks.

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