Tropical Storm Isaac raises issue of continuity planning for Gulf Coast businesses

August 28, 2012
Tropical Storm Isaac raises issue of continuity planning for Gulf Coast businesses

With Tropical Storm Isaac approaching the Gulf Coast, local enterprises and individuals are being subjected to a variety of warnings and advisory notices regarding weather-related threats to their lives and property. Several local governments have even issued mandatory evacuation orders, according to the Washington Post.

For the past few days, windows were being boarded up all along the shore as home and business owners braced their buildings to survive the storm. Residents packed supermarkets and gas stations as they sought to stock up on vital supplies such as food and fuel.

Oil and gas companies have halted production and pulled personnel from their offshore drilling platforms. Several major ports have been closed down as well, including New Orleans, Mobile, Pascagoula and Gulfport.

In a press release, Port of New Orleans CEO Gary LaGrange said his organization had “taken all of the necessary precautions in anticipation of the worst.”

Citing the city’s experience with Hurricane Katrina, LaGrange added “This isn’t our first rodeo.”

However, once the storm passes, life will continue. That’s why it’s important for business leaders to make comprehensive plans that not only protect buildings and property from the weather, but also account for the need to resume operations afterwards. And, businesses in other areas shouldn’t wait until there’s a storm approaching in order to create comprehensive continuity plans.

The professionals at a financial project consulting service can help companies draft complete plans to prepare for contingencies, including extreme weather. Having a thorough plan in place allows a business to mitigate the disruption caused by a storm, or any other precipitous event.

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