What Recruiters are Looking for in 2021

January 14, 2021
What Recruiters are Looking for in 2021

You did it – you made it through one of the most challenging and unique years in recent history. Now what?

Economists are anticipating strong GDP growth in 2021 as the global economy stabilizes and continues to recover from the pandemic. But while hopes for a more normal workforce remains on the horizon, the impacts of last year have influenced how employers are growing their teams.

Century Group’s Senior Director of Executive Recruiting, ‎Deanna Gutman, shares her insights for what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in 2021.

1. Adaptable Skill Set

For finance and accounting professionals, specific credentials, software skills and industry experience are important factors that help recruiters match professionals with roles they are best qualified for. But with last year’s swift changes to the workforce, employees were tasked with a new challenge: the ability to pivot and adapt in an evolving workplace.

Critical skills like problem-solving, communication and collaboration are more sought-after than ever as companies have shifted to remote work environments. Candidates who are able to exhibit their success during this transition and excel in their role is highly important in 2021. Some job-specific skills can be learned within the position, but the ability to adapt is a transferable skill that will benefit you in any job.

2. Proven Career Progression

Employers often seek professionals who have experience in the type of position their looking to fill. But that’s only part of the story.

“If your resume shows that you’ve been a Senior Accountant for 10 or more years, that can be viewed as a red flag,” explains Gutman. “Companies want to see progression, good experience and a candidate who isn’t afraid to take on new responsibilities and challenges.”

3. Technology Proficient

Successfully adopting new technologies has been the name of the game for years as systems continue to evolve and change. But 2021’s shift was much more drastic.

Remote work became a requirement for many professionals — forcing them to learn the ins and outs of video conferencing and other communication tools at a moment’s notice. Hiring managers and recruiters will inquire about worker’s own proficiency in this area, including evaluating how well you communicate and portray yourself through virtual interviews.

4. Demonstrate Self-Motivation

A follow-up to No. 3, self-discipline was key for professionals to remain committed to their work and persevere in remote environments. Candidates who can demonstrate that they are self-motivated through past employment experiences are more likely to succeed in today’s job market, explains Gutman.

“Companies want people who are self-motivated, disciplined and curious about the company,” she says. Ask questions, show initiative and be open to new ways of approaching tasks or problems.

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